Josef Rohwein of Pueblo San José, Argentina

Rohwein Joseph 14.12.1885

Josef Rohwein was born in Josefstal on December 14, 1885. His parents were Michael Adam Rohwein and Anna Stang.

Josef will acquire a Russian passport sometime around December of 1904 or January of 1905.

He will board a ship in Bremen and travel to South America sometime in 1905.

Josef will eventually settle in the Coronel Suárez area of Argentina…and then marry Barbara Dieser, daughter of Johannes Dieser and Anna Laumann, on October 27, 1906.

They will settle in Pueblo San José, in the Coronel Suárez area of Argentina.


Relatives from Argentina has sent me some of the scans of Josef’s Russian passport.


Photo of Jose Rohwein and friend

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Kristof Weigel in 1904


Here is an amazing photograph courtesy of Laurie Valentin, of Kristof Weigel and two of his army buddies. Kristof is standing.

Because of military draft records, we know that Kristof was drafted into the Russian Army around 1904. He would probably serve about 2 years.

Kristof was born in Josefstal February 14, 1883, to Kaspar Weigel and Margareta Mitsig.

We are not sure of the names of the other two men, although there is some writing on the back of the photograph, in old German script.

Can anyone translate for us?


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Leonardt – Zink


This is a photograph of Josef Leonardt and Anna Margareta Zink. Anna Margareta died approximately 1923 in Marienfeld, not far from Josefstal.

We have no data on when Josef was born, but he died in the USSR around 1941.

They were the parents of Julia Leonardt, born Feb 10, 1885…who will marry Kristof Weigel on June 17, 1908 in Josefstal.

Kristof and Julia will move to the U.S. and eventually wind up in Minnesota.

Photo courtesy of Laurie Valentin.

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George Heinrich Family from Josefstal to Aurora, Illinois

CatherineHeinrich1983 001 Catherine Heinrich was born in Topeka, Kansas on 8 September 1911.  Her parents were Georg Heinrich, born 13 Feb 1881 in Josefstal, and Barbara Schmidt, born 18 June 1882 also in Josefstal.

George will bring his family from Josefstal to the USA in October of 1908.  They will live in the US for a number of years, returning to Josefstal around 1912.  Once there, they will go through the Russian Revolution, civil war, and then finally another escape from Russia.  Arriving back in the US in October of 1922.

They will settle in the Aurora, Illinois area.

In 1983, while researching this family, I heard from Catherine Heinrich Weller, and that included this wonderful article from the Aurora Beacon Hill Press, dated 27 Feb 1983.  The article is a fascinating interview with Catherine about her life, what she remembered about Russia, and the family’s escape to the US.

Heinrich1983 001

That article can be found here.

CatherineHeinrich 1918

Catherine Heinrich, Josefstal, circa 1918

CatherineHeinrich 001 (2)

Georg Heinrich family, circa 1912


Birth/Baptism Record for Georg Heinrich, Born 13 Feb 1881 to Baltazar Heinrich and Anna Maria Boch.  Baptized  14 Feb 1881.  Godparents were Georg Dieser and his wife Katarina.

Also among Catherine’s possessions was a photograph of her maternal grandparents, Peter & Barbara Schmidt.

PeterBarbaraSchmidt 001

Photograph of Peter & Barbara Schmidt, Josefstal, date unknown

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Marriage record of Phillip Werbach & Maria Tris in Rozhdestvenska, Kuban.

Roshdest1907 001.jpgThis is a fascinating document produced by the Catholic Church in Rozhdestvenska in the Kuban area of Russia, documenting the marriage of former Josefstal villager Phillip Werbach, son of Georg Werbach and Barbara Kess, to Maria Tris, daughter of Anton Tris and Anna Maria Hok, on 12 Nov 1908.

The document was included in the files of marriage, death and births for Josefstal, 1907-1908, Fond 270 Opis 1 Delo 152, from the Volgograd State Archive.

We know that there were a number of families from the Volga that settled in the area of Rozhdestvenska, this documents at least one such family.  There is also a Church stamp, which means that perhaps somewhere these Church records existed….although there is no trace of them today.


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1877 Passport Application from Josefstal

л204Research in Russia can be amazing….you never know what little tidbits and gems you will stumble across.

Some years ago I was alerted to a copy of a document from 1877 suggesting that my great-great grandfather, Johannes Gerk, had applied for a Russian passport.

I’ve finally been able to get scans of the official application, dated 1877, and it indeed shows he applied for and was issued a Russian passport.

I have no way of knowing if he and his family actually left Russia, and then returned at a later date.

I do know that his 2 sons, Johann Georg Gerk and Johann Georg Gerk will indeed leave Russia. The eldest Georg Gerk will leave Russia and settle in Argentina. The youngest, my great-grandfather, will leave Russia during the Russo-Japanese war, travel to Argentina, but then return to Russia, where he will die in 1924.

It’s a fascinating history, at least for my family.

(These documents were obtained from GASO, State Archive of Saratov Province)



Page from actual passport, No.153

17 No.153

And, of course, showing that Johannes Georg Gerk was in Russia later on, here is his death record, stating that he died in Josefstal on 27th July 1886, at the age of 59. Listed as his survivor is his wife, Katarina, and son, Joh. Georg, age 18. (my great-grandfather).

л129 №35

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The Simon Family of Josefstal


This is one of those photographs that people have, but don’t realize they have.  Some background.

It belonged to the Adam Kern family of Fort Dodge, Iowa. Adam’s Father was Kaspar Kern, and his Mom was Elisabetha Simon Kern.

With the photograph, they also had a Russian passport.  The passport has the following names on it:

Andreas Simon 40
Barbara 43
Georg 20
Eva 21
Clementine 15
Anna 9
Barbara 6
Gaspar 28
Elisabetha 22

Simon 001.jpgDated 1908 and issued in Saratov, the passport was used by the Andreas Simon family of Josefstal to travel to Brazil, and then over to Argentina. They traveled to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil aboard SS Würzburg, from Bremen, Germany, arriving October 10, 1908.

It’s interesting to see another family on a passport….namely Kaspar Kern and his wife Elisabeth…even though in this case Elisabeth was the sister of Andreas.

The families traveled to Argentina, probably to meet up with their younger brother Phillip, who had gone to Argentina around 1905.

Kaspar and his wife would make their way to the United States in 1912.  Andreas and his children would make their way back to Russia, and then Andreas died in Josefstal Dec 5, 1912.

Phillip would also make his way to the USA, settling in Iowa.

Here is a copy of Philip’s birth/baptism document from Russia.

Simon Philipp 12.06.1888

Philip Simon, born 12 June 1888 (OS) in Josefstal to parents Johannes Simon and Ekaterina Kern. Baptized in parish Church of Josefstal the same day. Godparents are Philip Reier and wife Margareta.

Among the personal effects of Elisabetha (Simon) Kern, was a letter written by Andreas’ wife, Barbara (Berg) Simon, dated December 17, 1912, telling the family that Andreas died in Josefstal on December 4.  The letter laments her husbands death and adds that she wonders how she will be able to live now that he is gone. Andreas was 45.

Note on the top of the letter are 3 crosses, the Volga German custom of labeling a letter that announces a death.

AndreasSimondeath 001

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