Book of Remembrance: Josefstal Residents in Nizhny Tagil Labour Camp, Sverdlovsk Region


nizhnycoverFrom January 1942, to April, 1953, the city of Nischni Tagi housed a labour camp that saw more than 43,000 inmates go through its gates.

Dedicated to slave labour, inmates worked in the metallurgy combine, as well as road construction, hydraulic engineering, forestry and mining.

Banished to Siberia in the fall of 1941, most residents of Josefstal were sent to the Omsk region of Siberia.  After trying to survive for a year, the men were “mobilized” into a special “Worker’s Army”, aka slave labour. The labour camp located at Nischni Tagil was located in the Sverdlovsk region of the Ural mountains in Russia. Women were placed into separate camps.

It is estimated that almost 1/3 of Volga Germans would perish in labour camps.

There is more and more documentation available on what the camps were like.

The names here were taken from the book, Gedenkbuch: Gordoe terpen’e. Kniga pamiati sovetskikh nemtsev – uznikov Tagillaga.

Thankfully, the names in the book have been added to a web site, along with many photographs of the prisoner files.  That site is located at:

There were scores of such camps located throughout Siberia.

This particular camp housed only 9 or so residents from Josefstal, but thousands from other Volga German villages.

These are their names and information.
In their Memory.


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