UPDATED!! Pueblo San José Argentina: Alexander Holzmann

AlexanderHolzman2aThis post from May, 2013 has been UPDATED!

From time to time, I come across further documentation about folks who left Josefstal, and then traveled to South America.  This is such a case.

This obituary card, courtesy of Norma Holzmann, documents the death of Alejandro Holzmann, born in 1893 in Josefstal.

Rightly or wrongly, my documentation courtesy of draft records, state that he was actually born January 28, 1894.  So who is correct?  We’d have the have the actual Church record to check.

Alejandro was the son of Kristof Holzmann and Anna Margareta Schmidt.  The draft record states that the family went to “America” in 1904.  They eventually settled in Pueblo San José, Buenos Aires, Argentina, close to Coronel Suarez.

Also in this town, was his brother Alois Holzmann, who was confirmed in 1905 according to Church records from San José:



Alois was born April 8, 1883, also in Josefstal.  What happened to him? Perhaps someone will let us know. There were other families from Josefstal who also settled there…I will be documenting those over the coming months.


UPDATE: So on August 9, 2014, I received from Russia a copy of Alexander’s Birth/Baptism record.

Holzmann Alexander 28.01.1894

It states that Alexander Holzmann was born on 28 January 1894 (OS), and was baptized in the Parish Church in Josefstal on 30 January 1894 (OS).  Parents are Kristof Holzmann and Anna Margareta Schmidt.  The Godparents were Georg Dieser and his wife Katarina.


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