Emigration to Brazil & Argentina: January/February 1909

Coblenz1909 001In a previous post about emigration from Josefstal to South America, I documented some of the names from the SS Coblenz, and the departure from Bremen in Germany in January of 1909.  This ship arrived in Rio de Janerio, Brazil, February 13, 1909.

As far as we can tell, most of these emigrants would find their way to Argentina, with a few even returning to Josefstal in later years.

I was able, with the kind help of the Brazil State Archives, to obtain a better copy of the passenger list than the one I had…and it even listed village of origin. You can download it here.

I am posting the complete list, and also updating my original list of Josefstal residents….I think I had missed one family…as the original list had no village of origin…so I had to guess based on what Josefstal records we have.

One wonders, where are their descendents now?

SCHAFER, Adam (36), Katarina (30), Katarina (4)

SCHMIDT, Johannes (38), Anna (36), Marie (12), Peter (10), Katharina (7 ¾), Johannes (5), Elenora (2 ½), Jakob 1 ½ )

WEICHEL, Georg (30), Magdalena (25), Katarina (6), Juliana (5) Gottfried (19)

UHRICH, Peter (32), Elisabeth (24), Peter (10), Katharina (8), Alexander (6), Anna (9 months)

STREMEL, Johannes (36), Anna (30), Adam (7 ½ ), Michael (5), Anna (3 ½), Margareta (6 mo.)

BREIT, Josef (30), Margareta (34), Elisabeth (8), Josef (6), Philipe (4), Pauline (8 mo), Magdalena (50)

GERK, Peter (38), Katharina (24), Magdalena (2 ½), Georg (4 mo)

WEICHEL, Jakob (42), Julia (28), Margarita (2 ½ ), Susanna (7 mo)

KERN, Johannes (22)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Christie Gerhard says:

    I’m from the Simon Family of Josepstal Russia.
    I’m just thrilled to come across all of this information and pictures. Thank you very much.
    I live in Minnesota USA
    I am an international flight attendant and I have traveled to Russia many times but I never had any information as to where my family lived exactly up until the last few months. This is very exciting news!

    1. Admin says:

      Thank you! We are also always looking for any old photographs, letters or documents from Russia you might be willing to share!! Please!! Best wishes,
      Ted Gerk tedgerk@yahoo.com

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