Remembering a good friend: Alexander-Josef Dreser: 1957 – 2015

DSC02500Life as a family historian can be lonely.

You spend hours and hours over years, with little to show….but when you find something it’s big.  You want to tell someone.

My Dad was always interested…and it was great showing what I found and who I found.

But I was to be blessed with a cousin who was just like me.

Alexander-Josef Dreser was born in Russia in 1957.  He was the grandson of Alois and Katharina (Dieser) Heinrich.Which means his grandmother and my grandmother were sisters.

Through the years we established a great friendship…sharing old records…stories…contacts.

Both of us were able to compile and sort through some major archival records and put together a book on the history of our families village, Josefstal.

Alex was able to travel to Canada to visit and in 2007, Marina and I were able to visit him, his wife Lora and son Eduard.

Alex died on July 7, 2015 at the age of 57.

He was a good and kind friend….and I shall miss him in many ways.  Mostly having someone to share my historical passion in documenting the life and people of our little village, Josefstal, on the Volga.

I will really miss him.


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  1. anna dreser says:

    Thanks for the nice words! – Anna Dreser ( I am the daughter from Ludmila Dreser)

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