Marriage record of Phillip Werbach & Maria Tris in Rozhdestvenska, Kuban.


Roshdest1907 001.jpgThis is a fascinating document produced by the Catholic Church in Rozhdestvenska in the Kuban area of Russia, documenting the marriage of former Josefstal villager Phillip Werbach, son of Georg Werbach and Barbara Kess, to Maria Tris, daughter of Anton Tris and Anna Maria Hok, on 12 Nov 1908.

The document was included in the files of marriage, death and births for Josefstal, 1907-1908, Fond 270 Opis 1 Delo 152, from the Volgograd State Archive.

We know that there were a number of families from the Volga that settled in the area of Rozhdestvenska, this documents at least one such family.  There is also a Church stamp, which means that perhaps somewhere these Church records existed….although there is no trace of them today.



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