George Heinrich Family from Josefstal to Aurora, Illinois

CatherineHeinrich1983 001 Catherine Heinrich was born in Topeka, Kansas on 8 September 1911.  Her parents were Georg Heinrich, born 13 Feb 1881 in Josefstal, and Barbara Schmidt, born 18 June 1882 also in Josefstal.

George will bring his family from Josefstal to the USA in October of 1908.  They will live in the US for a number of years, returning to Josefstal around 1912.  Once there, they will go through the Russian Revolution, civil war, and then finally another escape from Russia.  Arriving back in the US in October of 1922.

They will settle in the Aurora, Illinois area.

In 1983, while researching this family, I heard from Catherine Heinrich Weller, and that included this wonderful article from the Aurora Beacon Hill Press, dated 27 Feb 1983.  The article is a fascinating interview with Catherine about her life, what she remembered about Russia, and the family’s escape to the US.

Heinrich1983 001

That article can be found here.

CatherineHeinrich 1918

Catherine Heinrich, Josefstal, circa 1918

CatherineHeinrich 001 (2)

Georg Heinrich family, circa 1912


Birth/Baptism Record for Georg Heinrich, Born 13 Feb 1881 to Baltazar Heinrich and Anna Maria Boch.  Baptized  14 Feb 1881.  Godparents were Georg Dieser and his wife Katarina.

Also among Catherine’s possessions was a photograph of her maternal grandparents, Peter & Barbara Schmidt.

PeterBarbaraSchmidt 001

Photograph of Peter & Barbara Schmidt, Josefstal, date unknown

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